Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mix and Match...

Ok, so there are some amazing cupcake bakeries here in Houston that are all the CRAZE right now. Obviously my little cakes are not to be compared to theirs but I really like the idea of being able to get the cupcake you want, instead of them all being the same. Kind of like a brand new box of chocolates at valentines. You get to pick the one you want. Since we're talking chocolate, it is important to know that the chocolate shavings on these cakes is Ghiradeli. Yum-o!

Well today Sandra's birthday (my son would lovingly refer to her as "the love of his life" he is ever the charmer!)

So... to celebrate, I made a dozen cupcakes she and her friends are meeting for appetizers this evening and I thought it cupcakes would be fun!

Every cupcake in this dozen is different.

Chocolate Coconut
Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Classic Chocolate
Chocolate and Cream
The Milky Way
Coconut and Cream (Chocolate)
Coconut and Cream (Vanilla)
Classic Combo
Traditional White
White Chocolate Chunk
Triple White Cake
Vanilla Chocolate Coconut

Happy Birthday Sandra, I am wishing you all of God's peace and blessings this year!

Hello Kitty...

These cupcakes are made for Charlotte, she LOVES Hello Kitty. Charlotte is turning four and she is taking her closes posse to the movies for her birthday!

These 12 cupcakes are vanilla each with a swirl of pretty pink butter cream and sprinkled with European edible glitter! Each cupcake is adorned with a completely edible Hello Kitty face that I made out of fondant.

Happy Birthday Charlotte!


This cake was made for Caroline's 21st birthday. It is a dense chocolate cake and is filled and iced with a classic chocolate butter cream. The flowers on top I made out of a sugar paste and are edible.

Happy Birthday Caroline- I'm wishing you an awesome day and a blessed year to follow!

Star Wars...

These just make me hum the the Star Wars theme song. If I were more tech savy, I would totally linky the song to this post so that when you clicked this post you could be transported straight into Star Wars. I just think it would enhance the expereince. (If you know how email me:)
These cupcakes are for a little boy named Pacer. He loves star wars, and is having his birthday party at Nasa. How cool is that!!! The 36 cupcakes are half chocolate half vanilla. Each has a generous swirl of traditional butter cream on top. Adorned with a very silvery sparkly black fondant star and a light saber.

Happy Birthday Pacer, May the Force be with You!

Bubble Gum Bubble Gum..

In a dish... How many pieces do you wish...

Surely I'm not the only one who still sings this with their nearly first grader. I mean seriously if I can't sing it with her, who can I sing it with...

This cake totally reminds me of double bubble. The colors, the fun polka dots, the sparkly dots at the top. I love it!

This cake is a two tiered birthday cake for Paige, who is turning four. The bottom tier is a moist vanilla cake with butter cream filling between each of the three layers, the top tier is a Swiss chocolate cake with a strawberry filling. The cake is entirely iced in butter cream, but the floating dots, and dots on the top are fondant.

Happy Birthday Paige, I hope you have a fun filled day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Taylor Ashleigh...

This cake was made for my sister's birthday. She turned fifteen this week! She will be a sophomore in high school next year and I can hardly believe it. Tomorrow is her party. We'll grill burgers at my Dad's. She of course asked me to make her cake!

Her favorite color is turquoise, so her cake had to be! The top tier on this cake is a dark chocolate cake with butter cream filling and the bottom tier is a light french vanilla with butter cream filling. Both tiers are covered generously in butter cream first (for my Dad) and then with rolled fondant! All of the flowers are fondant and edible.
Happy Birthday Taylor Ashleigh, I love you baby girl!

Zach'sssssss Turning Sssssssssix...

This snake cake is serious business. I asked Zach's mom if we were going for happy friendly snake, or semi scary snake, and she said scary...

This cake is 40 inches long, and is a combination of a moist vanilla cake and a dark chocolate cake. The cake is covered in a traditional butter cream and then rolled fondant.

Zach wanted a blue and yellow snake, so I hand painted his stripes gold. I think the iridescence of the gold looks more realistic than bright yellow. Next to this monster of a snake is his dinner, a little bitty mouse, made from chocolate fondant. The snake needs dinner too, and if anyone is totally freaked out by the snake, they can just focus on the cute little mouse beside him!

Happy Birthday Zach! I hope you have a sssssspectaular day!


These cupcakes are for a little boy who is wanted for being so darn cute! Liam is turning two and his mom had "wanted" wild west style invitations made.

These cupcakes are all a moist vanilla cake with a traditional swirl of ivory butter cream and each is adorned with a wild west topper. I made the Texas Ranger Star out of chocolate fondant and each corner of the star has a silver french dragee, and the cowboy hats and boots I made out of milk chocolate! All entirely edible.

Happy Birthday Liam, you are so cute, I could eat you up- I'll settle for one of your cupcakes! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

He's got game...

Evan is turning 16 tomorrow and his Mom knows one of his favorite things is his XBox 360, like most boys his age. So his cake has a fondant Xbox controller on it.

This moist french vanilla cake has a strawberry filling and a layer of traditional butter cream followed by a layer of rolled fondant.

The Xbox controller is entirely edible and made of rolled fondant.

Happy 16th Birthday Evan. You can drive- BE SAFE!!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A date to skate...

Today is Isabel's birthday party. She is having it at the roller skating rink, so she of course needed a skate cake!

This is a moist white cake with all butter cream icing and a few fondant accents.

Happy Birthday Isabel!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrating it all...

This cake is made to celebrate several of life's occasions: Birthdays, Retirements, and just being with family. So, the cake says Congratulations to cover it all!
This is a moist white cake with strawberry filling between each of the three layers. The cake is covered in a rich butter cream icing and the flowers on top I made from fondant. I really like the heather green color, I think it looks very crisp next to the white. Very summer-y!

Enjoy your weekend together ladies, what a blessing it is to get to spend time with those you love!

Pretty Pink Petit Fours...

These pretty pink petit fours are for Sophia's second birthday. Her mom asked for 48 of these sweet little treats. She asked that I color the cake pink, so the cake is pink with a white layer of traditional butter cream and the pink layer of poured fondant on top. They are just so darn cute. I can't wait to see the little princess toppers she found for each petit four. They will just be pretty as a princess I'm sure!

Happy Second Birthday Sophia!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make Something Great...

"Make Something Great" is the Stanley tool logo. That is what Scott is doing this week. He is working on a missions trip in South East Texas building houses for those who need help most. This week is also his birthday, so his wife is going to surprise him by going down for the day and bringing cake!
She wanted chocolate cake, so this dense chocolate cake is covered in a creamy traditional chocolate butter cream icing. The tools are all fondant and completely edible. All of them! Scott, Happy Birthday and "Make Something Great" What a blessing your trip will be to those who will get to dwell in the houses ya'll build!

Monday, July 12, 2010


This cake is for Claire's 18th birthday. Claire likes chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... So that is what this is, a dense dark chocolate cake with cream chocolate icing as a filling between the layers, and beneath the dark chocolate rolled fondant that covers the cake.

Claire's favorite color is blue, all shades of blue- so I picked turquoise for the bow, I think it looks really feminine on the dark chocolate fondant.

Happy Birthday Claire! You can vote now!!!

Benjamin Thomas...

My friend Catherine's fifth baby was baptised yesterday at church. I made this cake for her family to enjoy after church and celebrate his birthday as a child of God!

Catherine chose a dense carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for the cake. The sides are encrusted in pecans and there is a dark chocolate fondant cross in the center.
I usually use a verse for inspiration on baptism cakes, but I have a book of 100 prayers my mom gave to me, and today's prayer is totally fitting for us to pray for ourselves, and a beautiful prayer for baby Benjamin. It resonated in me.

Dear Lord, I am Your creation and You created me for a reason. Give me the wisdom to follow Your direction for my life's journey. Let me do Your work here on earth by seeking Your will and living it, knowing that when I trust in You, Father I am eternally blessed. Amen.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pink -a- Dots...

My Sophie calls polka-dots, "pink-a-dots" and when she saw this cake she said- "you making me a pink a dot cake for my birthday?" If you know her you know how she speaks with such conviction that you can't help but just about giggle every time she speaks!
This pink a dot cake is not for Sophie it is for Katie, and she is turning four! The bottom tier is vanilla cake and the top tier is chocolate. The cake is iced in a traditional butter cream icing. All decorations are butter cream except the fondant crown on the top which is all edible. The bottom ruffle of each tier is dusted in glitzy glitter! (I LOVE THAT STUFF!)
Happy Birthday Katie!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Princess Corolina...

This cake is for a "Sip and See" tomorrow. The Mom and ladies joining will have a High Tea at a hotel in uptown. What a treat! I would love to spend the afternoon sipping tea, and giggling at the joys of a newborn baby!

This is a rich white cake with raspberry filling. The cake is covered in butter cream and then rolled fondant. The bonnet was made to match the invitation and is fondant. I painted the bonnet with luster dust so that it would match the silk ribbon on the invitation and ribbon used on the cake. The scroll work monogram and swiss dots are a very pale pink butter cream.

Welcome Corolina, we are so glad you are here.


So we all have friends that are really more like family right??? Well, Adrienne, and Maddie are really more like family, and we LOVE them!

Maddie is turning six years old! I can hardly believe it, but she is! She is having a party at the skating rink, so her cake of course had to be skating themed! I sure hope she likes it! I think it is perfect for Maddie! Happy Birthday Maddie! We love you SO much!

This is a dark chocolate cake (Maddie's favorite) and butter cream icing with some fondant accents.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom...

This cake was made for my Mom. I think it really resonates her spirit and love for the water. She LOVES to fish, and loves to be by the water. Give her sunshine and water and she is one happy woman!
I was very excited to make this cake for her. I had the vision of what I wanted, and it worked perfectly. The cake is a three layered chocolate cake with strawberry filling and butter cream icing.

The butter cream is a wedgewood blue with scroll work done is a crisp white. I made the shells with white chocolate, and dusted them with luster dust so that they would have just a more realistic look. The sand is vanilla wafers.

Happy Birthday Mom, you are SO loved and I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing year to follow!

Made to Match...

This cake was made to match the plates and napkins that will be used for the baby shower! I think it is super cute to incorporate your party wear and cake! It just ties it all together.

This is a vanilla cake with strawberry filling between each of the three layers of cake and butter cream icing. I really think the ribbon bow on the carriage is so sweet and adds so much to the cake. It always seems to be the little things.
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first born, and daughter. Pink is fun!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gracie Pear Hare...

That is my daughter's full "family name" Meaning our family call her that. My sister in law thought of it when I was expecting her because Gweneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple that summer, and if fruit was in we had to have it! :) So we call Grace, Gracie Pear. I'm pretty sure we always will.

She turned six yesterday. I can't believe it. I am so in love with that precious gift God has entrusted us with. She is amazing. I know I am her momma, but I am most proud that she is beautiful inside. She has such a giving heart.

The best part of having a mom that makes cakes is that you for sure get what you want when your birthday comes around. Grace designed this cake herself. This is a chocolate two layered sheet cake with butter cream icing and a fondant cheer leader. It is also generously dusted with European Edible Glitter. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" to a six year old like bling on a cake! :):)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fancy Nancy..

This cake is fancy. Like Fancy Nancy! In case you don't have a daughter between the ages of 3 and 9 Fancy Nancy is a character in a book series, and she is fabulous! She loves anything that sparkles or is fluffy and uses wonderful fancy words like divine and spectacular in the story with clear context so the girls learn the word and the appropriate fancy place to use it!

This cake is very similar to the Fancy Nancy cake the birthday girl wanted! This cake is a moist vanilla cake with all butter cream icing and fondant accents.

Happy Birthday Missy... Four is so Big!