Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

With much gratitude...

I have been overjoyed and at times overwhelmed by the success of my cakes! Your encouragement and enthusiasm have been so uplifting. I am however going to have to take a breathe and re-evaluate my business plan and my very busy families needs. My husband and kids have eaten cake for dinner for the past six months, and I think it is time I get to cooking supper again! :) I will not be taking any orders until further notice, I will however continue to blog on this site for all things sweet!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Williams Sonoma Demonstration

I am super excited to announce that next Saturday November 20th from 2 till 3:30 I will be doing a demonstration at the Williams Sonoma Store at Town and Country. The demonstration will be how to ice the perfect holiday cake and cupcake.
If you are signed up for the emails from Williams and Sonoma you probably got one in your inbox, although you might have wondered if it was me, since they named me Kimberly Hale owner of Seeking Sweetness Cakes... But it is in fact me, Kimberly Hare!
I'll be there and I'd love to see you there too! Even if you can't stay come by and say Hi, it is always comforting to see familiar faces!

From the Girls...

This cake was made to celebrate a very special birthday. The birthday girl is a very special lady and has some very lovely friends, who wanted to make sure she felt extra special on her day.
This double dark chocolate cake is filled and iced with a very cream chocolate butter cream, and adorned with three sugar paste fantasy flowers I made that are very generously dusted with European Glitter. Nothing says Happy Birthday more than BLING every girl knows that!

Thing 4...

This cake was made for Atticus's very first birthday. I am so incredibly proud of this cake. Atticus is the "Thing 4" in his family and his Mom knew early on that would be the theme of his birthday party.

This cake is half chocolate, half vanilla all covered in butter cream icing. The "Things" I hand cut out of fondant from a picture I printed online, and colored with edible icing writer pens. I am so very happy with the finished product!
Happy 1st Birthday Atticus! May God bless you and keep you!

Jolly Rodger...

This cake was made for my dear friend Vanessa's husband Eric. He is such a cool dude, and has the two cutest little dudes. All together her house if full of pirate boys, and she needed a cake to celebrate Eric's birthday. This dark chocolate cake is iced and filled with a very rich and creamy butter cream icing and I cut the scull and cross bones out of fondant and then painted it with a white luster dust, so that it has just enough sparkle for Vanessa to enjoy, but not too much shimmer for all of her boys!
Happy Birthday Eric!


This cakes were made for a special little pirate's birthday. They are french vanilla and have a swirl of butter cream with a little Jolly Rodger flag.
Happy Birthday Mate...

The Twins...

These sweet cakes were made to celebrate the birth of twin baby girls! What an incredible blessing. When I see twins I always think immediately of the mother and hope that she feels so accomplished. What an amazing feat to birth and mother two babies at once.
I am so excited for the whole family and wish only the best for the family and both baby girls.
These french vanilla cakes are topped with a swirl of pale pink butter cream and topped with a chocolate fondant butterfly.


This fun cake was made to celebrate a tennis girl's birthday. She loves the game so it only seemed appropriate that she have a tennis ball cake! This cake is a dense dark chocolate chunk cake with all a creamy chocolate butter cream and a traditional butter cream on the ball.
Happy Birthday!

Pink... Finally...

This cake was made for Sofia's first birthday. This is her very first birthday, and the first pink cake her mom Mari has ever gotten to pick! Sofia has THREE big brothers! Finally a pink one!
All of the cakes are a very moist french vanilla cake with traditional butter cream icing and fondant accents.
Happy Birthday Sweet Sofia, may God bless you!

She's a Mrs...

These sweet treats were made for a Bride from her sister in law to celebrate the nuptials! Isn't that such a wonderful idea. She was going to have them in their room after the wedding. The cupcakes are a sweet rich coconut cake with a swirl of traditional bridal white butter cream and sprinkled coconut flakes. The petit fours are a rich lemon with the brides new initials on the top of each.

70 Ain't Shabby, but it is Chic...

These cupcakes were made to celebrate a very youthful 70th birthday! I was specifically asked for something fun and sparkly, so these lemon cakes are topped with a generous swirl of traditional butter cream, and adorned with a chocolate fondant disk and on the very tippy top a little flower! Then as if only appropriate generously sprinkled with European edible disco dust!
Happy Birthday

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff May...

This cake was made to celebrate the wedding ceremony today that has bound Jeff and Rani in Holy Matrimony today and always.
Rani's cake was a dense carrot cake with a cream cheese icing. I was delighted when Rani chose carrot cake because I personally love it, but yesterday as the the oven filled the kitchen with the warm smell of Cinnamon I was especially excited for Rani and Jeff. What a wonderful spicy fall flavor for a wedding on a crisp November evening.

Jeff's cake was classic dark chocolate cake iced in a creamy traditional and masculine chocolate butter cream icing and adorned with 7 pounds of chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, 7 lbs. That is a luscious duo chocolate cake and chocolate dipped strawberries!

Congratulations and blessing to the beautiful couple!
May God guide your every step together today and always!

Are Ye a Princess or a Pirate....

This fun cake was made to celebrate Melanie's 5th birthday! Her mom made the adorable invitation and wanted the cake to match the princess and pirates theme!
The bottom tier is a french vanilla and the top is a dense dark chocolate cake all iced in a traditional butter cream. The crown on top is fondant and edible!
Happy Birthday Melanie!

Happy Birthday Kari...

This sweet cake was made for a birthday being celebrated on a girls weekend! Kari will be enjoying this dense dark chocolate cake with creamy chocolate butter cream with her girls! If they are anything like me and my girls, there is not a doubt it will be devoured!
Happy Birthday Kari wishing you and your girls a wonderful weekend, and a blessed year to follow!

It's a...

Baby! This cake was also made to celebrate a little one's arrival. The mom also decided not to find out what she is expecting! What a practice of patience! I'm impressed! As soon as I found out I was expecting I was googling the Chinese gender charts! :) (which were right all three times by the way!)

This white sponge cake is filled and iced with a traditional butter cream icing and topped with a fondant and edible bow!
God bless you Momma, Daddy and Baby!

Pink and Blue

This cake was made to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby... Well, your guess is as good as mine. It is a surprise, and will be welcomed into loving arms be it a boy or girl! Enjoy your last moments of guessing Momma to be! Your little angel will soon be here! God bless you and I'm wishing you a healthy, happy beautiful baby!

This french vanilla cake is filled with a raspberry filling and iced in a traditional butter cream.

Simply Delicious...

These little cakes were made to celebrate the birthday of a little boy who loves firefighters! What is more classic for a firefighter party than chocolate on chocolate and white sponge cake and butter cream! Great choice in my opinion! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!