Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail..

Hoppin down the bunny trail,
Hippety Hoppety Easter's on it's way!

This is a dense carrot cake (of course) covered in rolled fondant. I made this little egg for my three little Hare's.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

For a little Princess...

This cake is for Gillian. She love all things girlie. That includes princesses, ballerinas purple and pink.

I hope this cake makes her eyes sparkle when she smiles!

This is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and butter cream icing with fondant accents. Each fondant polka dot is covered in a beautiful edible glitter, so it sparkles a lot!

Happy Birthday Gillian!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Lady...

This cake is a very special cake to me. I can hardly believe that my dear friends baby girl will be one tomorrow!

This is a dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and rolled fondant icing. All decorations are edible!

Happy Birthday Baby Emily! You are growing so quickly, and we all love you!

Gorgeous Granny...

This cake is for GiGi. That is what McKenna calls her Grandma. I'm sure it must be short for Gorgeous Granny!

This is an dense Italian Cream cake without coconut per request, and cream cheese icing. I made those "gorgeous" sugar paste flowers for the top. They are entirely edible, and gorgeous-I think!

Happy Birthday GiGi!

Italian Cream...

This is an Italian Cream Cake made for an office birthday party.

This dense home made Italian Cream Cake is iced with a rich creamy homemade Cream Cheese Icing.

My goodness, I hope they brew a fresh pot of coffee before serving this, it deserves one!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On his farm...

Nate had a cow, a pig and three ducks! I seriously LOVE this cake. I am so proud of the little sugar paste animals. I made them all and they are edible!
The cake is half chocolate and half yellow with a chocolate filling. All butter cream icing except for the sugar paste animals and letters.
Happy Birthday Nate!

Party like a six year old...

This cake is for Ellie's sixth birthday! She has invited her girls out for an afternoon of shopping at Target. Seriously- can I come? :) How fun is that. An afternoon of shopping at Target with girlfriends is my dream!
This cake is a moist chocolate cake with creamy milk chocolate icing and a fondant bow on top.
Happy Birthday Ellie!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Celebrate...

I love the colors I used on this cake. They are all so spring-y.

This is a moist french vanilla cake with classic and cream butter cream between each layer. Butter cream icing with fondant and hand made sugar paste flowers with a single french dragee in the center of each. Just enough bling!

Happy 30th Birthday Taylor, wishing you a fun day and a blessed year to follow!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I am always excited when someone wants me to make them a cake they have seen here on my blog.

I was asked to make "Sweet Suzanna" again for a dinner party. I did do the two toned bow on this rendition and rounder flowers, but other than that they are the same. Even down to flavor!

Dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and butter cream icing.

PS: Check back later this week -it is a cake filled week for me, and I'm loving every minute of it! Lots of fun cakes left to come in the next few days.



Have a cupcake! That is what they are for!

These cute little cakes are to celebrate a teachers birthday. The cakes are french vanilla with white butter cream icing and a little bitty bluebird on each. It is the third day of spring you know!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love this cake. This cake is a taste tester for another bride to be and her groom. I love the turquoise against the white, and the bow. Well, the bow is special to me. I think it looks like a lovely brooch in the center. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, because the center of the "brooch" is covered in glitter, and almost looks like an opal.

The cake itself is classic french vanilla with butter cream filling and covered in rolled fondant. This bride says she doesn't really like cake, but hopefully I can win her over- Cake is a good thing! Have I mentioned I love it?

Petit Fours

A petit four (plural: petits fours) is a small confection generally eaten at the end of a meal (e.g. with coffee) or served as part of dessert. The name is from the French petit four, meaning "small oven".
These are butter pecan sponge petit fours drizzled with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate. I LOVE THEM- A cup of coffee, one of these and three kids under five running around like wild things doesn't seem all that bad! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Under Construction...

This cake is for a little boy turning two! Two years old! This cake is designed to match the evite sent out for his birthday party.

This is a moist yellow cake with butter cream icing. Classic combination and hopefully a hit with all of the kids!

Happy Birthday Jake!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


O.K. clearly this carrot cake with cream cheese isn't really only for a man... But this cake in particular was made for a man, hence the title "Man Stuff".

This is a decadent carrot cake with cream cheese icing and covered in chopped roasted pecans. That cute little ditty in the middle is just to give this cake some pizazz - I didn't want to do the traditional carrot in the center, so I opted for a chocolate fondant ornament.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I found a party...

I told ya'll I needed a party as an excuse to use the rest of my butterflies. Well I found one, and I'm bringing dessert!
This is a dense chocolate cake with raspberry filling and rolled fondant icing. Both vanilla and chocolate fondant. The best of both worlds as "they" say. Every thing on this cake is entirely edible!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flutter By...


I am so excited about these. I think they are beautiful. They are sugar cookies with royal icing and wafer paper butterflies, dusted with edible glitter. The whole entire cookie is edible - including the pretty butterflies.
I need a to go to a party, so I'll have an excuse to make more of these!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Riley's Garden...

This cake was designed to match little Riley's party plates! Riley is turning one whole year old! I hope she enjoys her little cake all to herself.

This cake is a moist vanilla cake with creme filling and all butter cream icing.

Happy Birthday Riley!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taste Tester...

So... This is just a little ity bity of a pretty cake I made for a "bride to be" to taste my cake!

This cake is french vanilla with raspberry filling, and covered in rolled fondant. I think fondant wedding cakes are so beautiful and elegant.

Sugar and Spice...

And everything nice... That's what little girls are made of.

This cake is for a baby shower welcoming the upcoming arrival of a little girl! I'm excited for the Mom to be. There is nothing in the world sweeter than holding your baby the first time. Seriously one of life's most amazing moments!

This cake is french vanilla with strawberry filling and butter cream icing. Chocolate (yes I'm as excited as you) fondant and fondant were used for the accents. The bow, ribbon rattle and bear. All are edible, and the chocolate fondant is very yummy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am Humbled and Excited about an email I got today! Below is the text from the email.
"The cake was so beautiful, and everyone thought so! It was also delicious! Incredibly delicious!! Thank you! Seriously, some of the best cake I’ve ever had, and I love cake! We all really enjoyed it and are still enjoying it! Thank you again. It was so wonderful to have such a special centerpiece."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet Suzanna...

This birthday cake was designed to match the invitation to the party! Party details- nails first, dinner after. That is my kind of party!

This is a rich chocolate cake with raspberry filling and butter cream icing. The flowers, and bow on top are fondant.

Happy Birthday Suzanne!